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The service system across the corridor is the load of an intoxicating Haflori car, furnished from the inside with a sled, with a supervisor, 3 workers, and a carpenter specialized in dismantling, transportation, and installation..

Service notes:

All suspensions are removed from the raft and transported without installation, such as (TV, desk panels, shelves, or curtains…. and the suspensions are installed by the customer
For cabinets, shelves and doors are disassembled, not cut, and each corridor has only 6 doors for free. Dismantling, transportation and installation, and in the event of adding another locker to the same corridor with four additional doors, 10 dinars. Thus, the tanks are distributed according to the number of tracks to be transported.
Any items for going up or down the stairs, in addition to 10 to 20 dinars on the stairs, depending on the floors higher than the third floor.

Packaging materials: cartons are available in different sizes from 2 to 2.5 Kuwaiti dinars, and the nylon roll costs from 6 to 20 meters to wrap boxes and wood,,,
Bubbles are available at KWD 1.250 per meter to seal fragile or hard materials
The packaging service to ensure the safety of the furniture rests with the company. Any items not packaged are the responsibility of the customer.
Packaging service within the carton only and transportation without unpacking the carton again
In the event that the customer provides packaging materials, the packaging service is calculated at 750 fils per carton, 750 fils per meter of Babylon for packaging per meter, and a 20-meter nylon roll – 2 dinars in the case of packaging materials that are provided by the customer

Finally, when the team arrives on the day of the transfer, attach a copy of the civil ID and sign the service contract…..