Pack N Move Express

PACK N MOVE is a premier express and integrated transportation and distribution company based in Kuwait. Through the years, we have offered secure and reliable delivery services to our customers to facilitate personal and commercial shipping.

PACK N MOVE provides specialized land, sea and air shipping services for clients. We enable clients to ship to any entity via our worldwide network of shipping and transportation partners. Our exten-sive experience enables us to deliver excellent service and lower costs.

Every placed shipment order from our clients will be handled professionally and with great quality. Our staff will keep the client informed as to the status of the package until delivery is complete.

Our shipping services provide many benefits, including: • Speed of delivery

• Cost and time savings

• No unpredicted fees

• Package tracking and clients notification through final delivery

Courier services

We offers a reliable, high-speed mail service available worldwide for parcel delivery. Our Internation-al Express services offer you real-time tracking information, Proof of Delivery of your shipments, and

the ability to request delivery notification. The service covers:

• Document Express • Parcel Express

• International cash on delivery – COD

• Order fulfillment

Last mile delivery (LMD)

We are one of the prominent service providers that are currently available for businesses to fulfill a wide range of business needs. PACK ‘N’ MOVE LMD is your cost-effective alternative solution. This


• Same Day Delivery • Next Day Delivery

• Inter branch Delivery • Bulk distribution

• Cash on delivery

• Order fulfillment

Freight Forwarding

Our team of experts is specialized in the arrangement of cargo. We provide a variety of supply chain services, including Land, Ocean and Air freight transportation whether to import or export goods

from origin and/or to destination. This covers:

Land Freight

•Efficient Land Network

• Cutting-edge IT network and tracking systems

• Proof of Delivery POD • LTL


Air Freight

• Project management • Tracking systems

• Proof of Delivery – POD • Exhibition handling

• Multi-model transportation • Incoterms service

• Insurance services • Ocean Freight


• Real-time information systems • Cargo consolidation programs • Incoterms service

• Insurance services

Supply Chain Services

Our strength is derived from its efficient supply chains services, which have exceeded our clients’

expectations. Our clients can improve profitability and beat the price competition. We offer:

• Third Party Logistics /3PL: Logistics Service Providers (Pack, Store, and Transport)

• Fourth Party Logistics /4PL: Supply Chain Management (Manage, Pack, Store, and Transport) • Fifth Party Logistics /5PL: Solution Optimization (E- Commerce, Manage, Pack, Store, and Transport) • Reefer Chain Management

• Warehousing

• Facility Management • Value Engineering

• Distribution

Customs Clearance and Door Delivery

We take care of all customs clearance procedures, and deliver it to your door, or to your client’s door

E Commerce

PACK N MOVE Kept pace with the digital transformation era. Using electronic platforms for business transactions, we managed to fulfill our clients’ needs on both personal and commercial levels. This

service covers

• Importing & exporting goods for individuals and commercial entities • E- Commerce Hosting