PACK N MOVE offers around 15,000 meters fully secured and customer-centric warehouses and distribution centers located in a prime Locations. Hens, we are close to the ports and airport to receive and handle goods, meanwhile, we are accessible to our client’s. We also offer value added services, such as cross docking, pick and pack services. In addition to that, our smart Cubic or Square meter warehouses use technology to increase production, decrease errors, and minimize the

number of humans needed to run the warehouse. This covers: • Order Fulfillment Centers

• Smart Warehouses

• Reefer Storages

• On-Demand Storage

Third Party Logistics /3PL: Logistics Service Providers (Order Fulfillment, Store, and Transport) Fourth Party Logistics /4PL: Supply Chain Management (Manage, Order Fulfillment, Store, and Transport) • Fifth Party Logistics /5PL: Solution Optimization (E- Commerce, Manage, Order Fulfillment, Store, and Transport)

Order Fulfillment Centers

Our continuous efforts to provide high levels of service led us to open the first specialized packing and shipping supply store of its kind in Kuwait and the middle east. The store provides high quality, durable packing supplies so clients can pack their own belongings for storage or shipping.

Our experts have extensive experience and can help clients select the rights products and organize their items for convenient and accessible smart storage.

Packing and packaging services

Packing and packaging items while preparing them is often the most difficult part of shipping and storing items. It is challenging to ensure items are packed so they are protected and secured during being shipped from continent to another, and/or stored in our mega warehouse among lots of goods. Pack ‘N’ Move expert teams makes this process easier and less stressful for clients through out cutting age technology and trained labor.

Our packing and packaging team will show up ready to your location with the needed packaging means. The team will classify the items into categories and securely package the items to be shipped or moved to warehouses.

Our employees are highly trained and professional and operate under direct supervision of the engineering department. They have extensive experience packing fragile items such as porcelain, glassware, electronics and furniture and arrive with the supplies necessary to pack items safely and securely for shipping to their destination.

Packaging Service Materials

•Wide range of carton sizes

• Carton roll (two layers) shipping

• Foam (sponge roll) used for storing + external shipment • Air roll

• Nylon roll

• Packing tape

Packaging Material Advantages

Our packing materials are high quality, durable, and are able to be used repeatedly. We have supplies for meeting almost any requirement.

Why our warehouses can be your ultimate economic solution? • SMEs one stop shop models

• Competitive prices

• Fully integrated reporting system

• Temporary, Seasonal, or To-Handle availability • Stock on hand quantity alert

• Time utility

• Store of surplus goods • Minimization of risk

• Packing and grading

Other Services:

• Automated 24/7 security systems • Space management

• Self-Storage

• Mobile Storage • Reefer Services

• Goods transportation services form/to warehouse

• Value engineering – Best quality for the lowest price • Forklift services

• Cargo pallets • Shelves

• Easy 24/7 access to premises

• Goods wrapping and packing services