Real Estate

Landlords of commercial property, industrial plot, storage facility, or a warehouse, and residential plots may make a good use of PACK N MOVE – Real Estate services as we are here to ensure that your property is operating up to its optimum efficiency level. Our facility planning team will take on the task of fully managing the client’s property, collecting rents, leasing, minimizing waste, leading maintenance teams, creating better space utilization, selecting the right equipment, streamlining running expenses, and raising service standards. This is covered via wide range of models:

Administrative model

– Hiring and supervising site employees

– Site inspections, reporting and follow-up – Retrofitting and consulting

– Preparing property for rental

– Repair and maintenance tracking

Maintenance tracking model

– Periodic maintenance recommendations for owner’s approval – Prevention of service vendor abuse through

PACK N MOVE representative personnel available on-site during service providing – Client’s physical Signature after service providing

– Verification calls next day to the same client checking service level and service provider – Service level measurements tracking

Financial Model

– Full accounting services

– Owners’ separate financial management for tracking

– Financial reporting system for all the property related activities – Detailed records of all financial transactions related to client

– Standard collection process

– Automated collection process

Marketing Strategy and positioning model – Positioning statement

– Promotion and advertising strategy

– Marketing programs – on/offline marketing

Legal model

o Rent contracts

o Legal notice and memoranda to tenants o Terminating tenancies

o Document repository for legal documents o Renewal tracking system

Clients satisfactory enhancement model

o Periodically customer satisfaction survey o Prompt corrective actions solid system o Tenants’ loyalty retention programs

Security tracking

– Periodically security systems assessment – Daily reviews on hotspot sectors

– Low voltage systems and IT services

Other Services

– Cleaning process tracking – Furniture installation

– Landscaping

– Outdoors tents installment – Warehouses installation

– Value engineering

– Engineering consultancies

– Moving services in/out premises