1- PACK N MOVE Transportation is one of the top companies specialized in moving and packing in Kuwait for many reasons. What makes us unique in this sector is our commitment to using the latest tools in dismantling, installing, and transporting luggage in the safest way possible, ensuring the protection of your items against scratching or damage. Moreover, we offer competitive prices for current and new customers alike.

2- PACK N MOVE stands out in the market as a reliable provider of transportation, packaging, and installation services, offering customers the highest quality at competitive prices. We are committed to following the latest safety standards that guarantee the protection of your goods or furniture against damage or scratches during the transfer process.

3- We utilize highly efficient teams of technicians and trainers in moving luggage, abiding with all safety procedures in our customers’ properties. Moreover, we provide all types of different packaging materials such as cardboard and bubble plastic for luggage, sturdy cardboard for tableware, pressed cork, and other types of specialized packaging for all types of electrical appliances.

4- Accuracy, quality, and expertise define our identity in the market. Throughout the years, we have accumulated extensive experience in moving dealing with every piece of goods, luggage, and collect-ibles we make sure it’s handled with high professionalism and mastery to ensure that your transfer is completed with high efficiency

5- We move everything from personal homes to governmental mega projects: • Home & office Movement

• In-site Movement • Distribution

• Projects relocating

• Showrooms Movement • Last Mile Delivery – LMD

• Furniture, fixtures and equipment