Executive Management Message

Thank you for your valuable time in identifying us. We are pleased to offer you Pack N' Move's brief introductory overview about the stages of the company's growth and development of its services. Pack N' Move was founded in 2003 as the first company specializing in providing transportation service for offices and domestic service with the installation art at the hands of specialized, experienced, trained professionals. The trucks used are specially designed for moving furniture, luggage and all kinds of goods. We also provide packaging service according to customer requirements as well as service packs and packing personal possessions and valuables, including home and office requirements. Pack N' Move as of 2007 has raised the capital to develop and improve its activities and the expansion of regional projects in the Gulf region in the areas of transportation, packaging, shipping and storage. The company has also built and run the Storage Service Profile, which is the largest store in the Middle East and the first of its kind in the State of Kuwait, which offers personal service storage rooms and storage areas with different specifications of high quality. We are now opening the first exhibition of its kind in Kuwait, specialized in the sale of packaging materials and storage needs and transportation. We also always look forward to the development of our services and the quality of our performance so we can gain the satisfaction of our customers

Please accept my sincere greetings and respect