Chairman Speech

The family of pack n move Co thanks you for your time in getting to know our company and we are pleased to present to you a brief story of how we have grown and developed

We established Pack N Move Co. in 2003, the first company specializing in home and office moving services in the region. We focused on meeting our clients every packaging, shipping and unpacking needs for both personal and office items. Our expert and highly trained staff provided safe and secure packaging and transportation using specialized trucks and equipment designed to protect our clients delicate and valuable items. We offered prompt, convenient and professional services to meet our clients every logistics need

In 2007 we raised the capital necessary to expand our operations in Kuwait. In addition to expanding our core services of packaging, transportation and self-storage, we invested in remote warehousing capabilities to include on-site storage for offices, warehouses, and workshops using portable storage containers

We have grown to become the largest self-storage and transportation company in the middle east and the first of its kind in the state of Kuwait. We are still growing and will soon offer refrigerated warehousing services. We continue to provide high quality, professional service to meet our clients wide range of storage and transportation needs

Thank you and best regards